Opioid Prevention Toolkit

Tools and resources to encourage people to choose safe, effective options to heal safely.

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Empowering our communities to heal safely

The Opioid Prevention Toolkit provides tools and resources to support the critical work of community health partners and organizations. This Toolkit is intended for those who work in public health prevention to help communities find safe options for healing.

The toolkit includes:

  • Insights into commonly-held beliefs about opioids and pain
  • Understanding of how these beliefs affect people’s decisions about their pain management options
  • Key learnings around effective, research-tested language and messages
  • Strategies for adapting educational and outreach materials about opioids and pain management to better reflect the experiences and concerns of communities of color

Included in the Toolkit download are all of the accompanying materials and tools to use in your work.

Learn more about Heal Safely

Learn more about the materials available in the Opioid Prevention Toolkit below and download each of the tools individually to support your work.

The Opioid Prevention Toolkit

The Opioid Prevention Toolkit provides in-depth research, messaging recommendations and examples from the Heal Safely campaign.


The Opioid Prevention Toolkit: Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide offers the key insights, learnings and strategies for community engagement from the Opioid Prevention Toolkit in a short, easy-to-read format.


Heal Safely Messaging Training: Presentation Deck and Training Guide

The Heal Safely Messaging Training includes a PowerPoint presentation and presenter guide for community health partners to share within your organizations. The Training provides key insights, learnings and strategies for community engagement in a compelling, easy-to-follow format.


My Pain. My Plan.

The My Pain. My Plan. tool helps people to think ahead—before a surgery—and work together with their doctor to map out the right combination of treatments that work best for them. It has been updated to support people in accessing remote care and navigating other changes related to COVID-19. 

The tool is available in 11 languages. Click the links below to download the language of your choice.


The Heal Safely One-pager

The Heal Safely one-pager is a helpful tool for patients—or to place in visible public places—that shares information about the risks of opioids and other options for healing safely at a glance.


Example Social Media Copy

The Heal Safely Campaign has developed and tested language around opioids shown to be effective. Download and tailor this copy to be used across your social media networks for clear and compelling communication.